Solar, Allergy-Friendly, and Asthma-Friendly all in one Loveland home!

by Cody Farmer


Solar is coming to this allergy-friendly/asthma-friendly duplex in Loveland, Colorado! It’s like the cherry on the whip cream – an excellent example of how people and the planet profit the Passive House Way!

It’s amazing how one investor applied whole home recovery ventilation (a Passive House principle) to create 2 of Loveland’s first Allergy and Asthma friendly homes. 

In a nut-shell, they replaced the bathroom fan with a Zehnder whole home purifier. That’s it.  

Here’s how they did it and you can too:



Have you ever walked into someone else’s house and noticed a stale (or other foul) smell? Has the air felt either too dry or too wet? Have you noticed numerous hairs, dust, or other particles floating through the air near the light from a window? You may have even become “nose-blind” and “touch-blind” to the other smells, and humidity in your own home! These are all barely noticeable – but hugely impactful – detriments to the air you breathe day in and day out. They contribute to breathing problems that are noticeable (like asthma and allergies), but also some that you may not even be aware of like your new couch or even your wall dust. 

These home toxins in the air can build up over time, little by little, and Many people will try to cure the problem with one air purifier in the home. While that’s a good start, it really only purifies the air in one room. Yet we live in or spend time in nearly all the rooms, especially where we sleep. That expensive room air purifier really doesn’t solve the whole problem. You need a quiet solution in every room.

By applying some Passive House wisdom, you must first remove the bathroom fan. If you’re talking to a contractor, call it fart-fan. It makes everyone smile!

You replace it with a healthy Zehnder Exhaust Register and ADD a healthy Zehnder Supply register to the bedroom. 

Yes my friends, what goes in must come out. As yin to yang you breath in, you breath out.  The filtration device mounts central in a closet where you can change the filters. This is for your holistic health. 

A Zehnder whole home filtration system, removes pollen, dust mites, auto emission particles, and lead dust, and the optional finer filter (MERV 13) removes even smaller particles. The filters are easy to remove from the unit to either vacuum or replace.

Cost Savings:The Zehnder has a built-in German Engineered membrane core that, unlike other purifiers, keeps the bad smelly side separate from the fresh filtered air. This core steals your shower’s temperature in the winter and gives it to the fresh air coming into your bedroom, right after it is filtered saving up to 90% of that lost energy! Certified by the Passive House institute it is one of the few units tested and passing the vigorous tests.  

Saving gas on heating and cooling is good for the wallet! The Zehnder air purification system quietly saves energy all day and all night. While you shower and while you sleep. 

That means for every $1 that the typical family loses to bath fan loss and leakage, the family using Zehnder saves 85-90 cents. That’s a big chunk of common sense! 


The Planet:

While Zehnder saves you money, we’re also saving the planet by not wasting the energy. Many people don’t realize the effects of energy leakage over the lifetime of a house. But just like what organics is doing to food, society is learning we need fresh air in our homes too. We purify our drinking water and we need fresh filtered air by our bedsides. With Zehnder you can have your shower and provide your family fresh filtered air and save up to 90%. Mother Nature must love that! 

We’ll talk about solar panels and affordable building in the next addition. 

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