Solar Power + Your Home = Financial Freedom!

by Cody Farmer

Last week we highlighted the health and financial benefits of the airtight nature of the allergy and asthma friendly duplex in Loveland, CO. We left off the cherry on whipped cream, didn’t we? That’s right – I’m referring to the solar power element!

Solar panels are nothing new, but you might not be aware of the cost changes and efficiency improvements that have taken place over time. The first true solar cells were created in 1954 by a team of scientists at Bell Labs. Their original model was only at 4% efficiency and cost $300 per watt! Contrast that with today’s solar panels coming in at between 16-34.5% efficiency and can be as little as $0.50 per watt and that makes a huge difference on reliability and your wallet!

Now, you might be wondering – why only 16-34%? You’d have to ask that of the typical nuclear power plant, too, as it runs at near equal efficiency rates of 33-37%. 

Translation: Your solar powered house is just as efficient as the typical nuclear powered house. 

Ok so why is this average building, with fantastic, un-average air tightness and ventilation considering solar panels the cherry?  The answer again is simple: Buildings lose 40-60% of their energy though building leakage. Remove that leakage and your solar panels can provide that much more energy.  Conservation is the core ingredient and an air tight home with a Zehnder purification system saves two times: once on lost air leakage throughout the home and secondarily as it recovers 90% of the waste temperatures from showering, breathing, and cooking.  

I know the power companies are starting to feel the pinch. Mine is trying to sell me widgets, bulbs, thermostats…even t-shirts! Becoming less dependent on energy usage is a freeing feeling for more than your wallet. It means less emissions, too! The Asthma and Allergy friendly duplex is all electric. Now that the solar panels are being installed, it gives some last minute bling for the reindeer to slip off of!

Save money on energy bills, save money on heating bills, and save money on electricity bills the passive house way in your home!

Learn more about the possibility of saving money by conservation and living healthier with the combination of solar power, airtight buildings and recovery ventilation right here in Colorado!

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