What is proper ventilation for healthy spaces?

by Cody Farmer

Air Tight Construction Colorado

Hint: It's not your HVAC.

Question: What do you get when you help a mallard get a job?

Answer: Ductwork!

.....but are those ducts in your house REALLY working?

Awhile back, a lady I know told me that she feels like mostly what she is breathing is dust and pet hair – it’s everywhere! And her home air filter proves it – she says she’s CONSTANTLY changing out filters or using an air compressor to blow it out.


What she has experienced is what many people with typical home construction experience – filthy air. And though that flimsy HVAC filter made of cardboard and coffee filters that you bought at Home Depot is filtering some of the filth out, it’s really not doing much. Ask any building construction expert and they’ll tell you that the furnace filter is NOT meant to clean YOUR air…it’s only meant to clean the air that the heating equipment is “breathing” – the filter is to protect the equipment, not you. That’s right…the typical HVAC system is meant to cool/heat you…not bring you fresh, clean air.

Something else we’ve talked about in our previous blogs is that most homes are not airtight, and therefore have leaks that the house is breathing in and out because of an imbalance in positive and negative air pressure. This activity of the home “breathing” in means that radon, dust, chemicals from building materials and outdoor toxins are making their way inside.

So – if your typical HVAC system isn’t providing proper ventilation, what does? Proper ventilation means fresh air, coming in continuously, filtered from pollens and fire smoke - a balanced pressure system, exhausting as much as it's intaking.
It's the lungs of your building, and the Zehnder products we sell are top of the line in efficiency and performance. Building “lungs” like this recover 90% of the outgoing thermal energy. In short – you NEED airtightness combined with a whole house filter system which only allows your building to breath in the spot(s) where you tell it to, but no others. That’s really the only way to guarantee you’re getting excellent air quality and proper ventilation.

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