420 Tip of the Day: How to Eliminate Home Odors

by Cody Farmer

Air Tight Construction Colorado

It’s quickly becoming that time of year again. Spring is inching in, people are planting seeds, kids are getting super excited to be outside, spring skiing, Lent, soccer, Easter, baseball, EARTH DAY and the newest Holiday of All: 420.

Yup... I’m going there today folks! We can’t avoid it any longer because we are clean air people!


Let's take Aspen Colorado for example. Last year alone Aspen, Colorado sold more marijuana than alcohol. Since it's illegal to smoke outside, this presents a stinky issue for indoor air quality. Or should I say this presents an opportunity for us clean air people to solve a problem.  People are being forced to smoke inside hotel rooms, rental houses, Air B&B's, bathrooms, closets, garages and cars BUT not outside.

Before I go on here, I just want to preface that we are not experts at consumption here at MainStream, however we can tell you that the parking lot at A basin is higher than most and I’ve never seen a real skunk there!

Moving on, we've got to fix indoor air quality in a lot of buildings due to this problem of not being allowed to consume outside. We thought a lot about this issue for many years being in the real estate development and investment community. Although landlords have strict leases that protect them from damage, it’s hard to dictate how people consume anything. Further this issue of consumption is not limited to any single class of investment property.

If we simply changed the way that the places we eat, sleep and shower were ventilated, the matter would be less of a developing concern.  Thus, MainStream is happy to formally announce that we take care of homes and rooms that deal with odors from consumption. Now that can mean the lingering smell of someone's Jack Daniels breath or the remains of a sizzled-out roach. In a building that uses our fresh air design strategies and building control elements we continually flush out the inside of nearly every room producing indoor air quality that is always clean and fresh.

These Zehnder systems are also the most efficient, dependable and powerful systems on the market. We’ve been handling them since our first Passive House in 2011, Passivista. Compared to a bathroom fan that uses 60 Watts of electricity, the Largest Zehnder uses the same amount, but powers all 4 bathrooms, the kitchen and five bedrooms.  This is the 10x solution for your indoor air quality.

We've developed a special site that talks about this issue if you want more information about it please go to freshair420.com

If helping solve this problem compels you, MainStream is looking for affiliates and installers. Click Here