Cannabis & Energy Recovery & Ventilation

by Cody Farmer

Air Tight Construction Colorado

With Earth Day just around the corner and spring-time allergies inching in, it reminds us of the newly acknowledged 420 holiday. So we thought we’d talk about retrofitting a fresh air system and why our options are the best for the Colorado Climate. For the second time in a row, cannabis sales outpaced alcohol sales in Colorado but it's illegal to consume outside. With the newly acknowledged holiday 420 right around the corner, I'm afraid there will be some smelly buildings!


For those that are consuming inside buildings, you're probably burning a lot of incense or candles or spray some sort of chemical to mask the smell so your landlord doesn't know or so it doesn't hang out for days on end impacting the value of your building.  Maybe you're able to contain it all into the bathroom, where the bathroom fan can deal with it. The (1973) song smoking in the boy's room, Brownsville Station and later Mötley Crüe (1985) come to mind.  That song was a protest of a smoking ban.  And here we are some forty-five years later with the same cliché staring us in the face.

Energy Recovery Ventilation is the most efficient way to clean your air and the good news is that Mainstream Corporation has been supporting ventilation systems for 12 years now. Particularly the manifold to 3” clean tube type is what we fell in love with because they fit in 2 x 4 walls and the registers are also wall mounted. This is the perfect retro-fit answer for people who have radiant floors or electric only heating but need air movement in all their rooms because of stale air. The Zehnder is a whole home solution. During the retrofit, the system replaces the bathroom fans and supplies clean air to the bedrooms. It is also the solution to freshen a room where a vape or a toke partook.

We also fell in love with super-efficient single room only Recovery Ventilators. Creating a Zehn room has never been easier. Quite often it’s your bedroom or office where you need fresh air sooner than later. The Lunos eGO, the Lunos e2, the Zehnder ComfoSpot50, and the Zehnder CA-70. Each of these units will provide a different sized room or two rooms with fresh clean air. To see which unit you need for your home click here.