Ceiling Air Barriers and Fiberglass Floaties in your Crib

by Cody Farmer

 The moment they realized why plastic doesn't work as Lid Air Barrier and to use Intello instead PS fireplace box to be under Air Barrier layer as noted in plans 😉

When we design ceiling air barriers, we try to keep it simple. Although we know how to do it right. Sometimes we end up on projects where we have to create special situations. Take for example a decorative fireplace that rises up through the roof, or a box light that drops out of the ceiling or really any electrical, lighting, alarm or anything that goes up above the ceiling of a room.

The only time drywall can be the air barrier is when there will be no holes, alarms, lights and it’s flat. Electrical boxes must poke out of the drywall in order to accept a fire alarm or light. If you read last week’s rog you would see the new can LED fixtures do not need a rough-in box any longer. The industry allows for leakage through fixtures not realizing the fibers in the insulation sneak in around drywall holes and through the boxes themselves. This happens most when the wind blows outside or bathroom fans run or a range hood is on, or the clothes dryer is running. So…Pretty Often!! 

It’s why we take the job of clean inside air so seriously. We want our buildings to be dust-free with abundant and fresh filtered air. All this AND use less energy. It can be done and in order to do this, we have to design out the errors that manufacturing skip on or miss. Our commitment to indoor air quality and equally the airtight building shell is as important as the ‘O’ in organics!  You cannot have one without the other.

Below are some airtight details we’ve hacked with some of Colorado’s finest builders. Passive House is a team sport! 

Airtight attic access



 LED Can Lid Cover