About MainStream Corporation

We are a Woman Veteran Owned Business

Founded September 10th 2007

Lisa and Cody Farmer are award winning Performance Building Practitioners whom design, build, and import materials for Zero Energy Buildings.  Working on some of the Nation’s first Passive Houses, and continually evaluating the Business Case for Utility Free Building at-large, Lisa and Cody recently finished one of the largest and tightest multi-family, multi-generational buildings in the United States called Traveler’s Rest, a certified Passive House.

A Closer Look

President and Professional Engineer, CPHC - Lisa Farmer

Lisa has a special passion for mathematical harmony. Along with her extensive construction management experience, she has personal experience designing and building houses that incorporate her values for reuse, recycling and reduction of energy consumption. Her ability to quantify energy usage and apply it directly to projects has further captured her interests in building science. Lisa also coordinated the Northern Colorado MathCounts Competition for 9 years, where once a year she gathered hundreds of young mathletes (math students), parent/teacher volunteers and fellow engineers to administer tests exposing some of northern Colorado’s top mathletes who then go on to a national competition.  After her six-year service in the US Navy servicing nuclear power reactors and graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s of Science, Civil Engineering degree, she practiced water resource engineering, with a curiosity in hydro-electric power production. Lisa is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Colorado and New Mexico, and is a Certified Passive House Consultant. She has been a Project Manager for over 10 years prevailing at her detailed Scopes of Work aligned with associated budgets, detailed schedules and tracked milestones.  Her highly acute skills in MS Excel and PHPP enable optimized and organized documentation of all iterative analyses while connecting graphical displays necessary to communicate complex data into understandable building science.

Vice President and MCM - Cody Farmer

Cody was born into a family surrounded by the American entrepreneurial spirit.  Throughout his life he’s overseen major construction jobs as lead construction manager on projects including: 2 building recycle and re-location projects, numerous design-build projects, inspection and back-out, landscape and irrigation, and his favorite, building optimization and functionality projects. He is also a real estate entrepreneur familiar with the constraints and operations of property management, lending, valuation and assessment. A business marketing graduate of the University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business, he spent several years serving as the Director of Marketing for a high-tech R&D firm helping bring new government funded projects into the marketplace. He served the Colorado Air Force National Guard with a secret clearance specializing in remote living quarters, and is also a Certified Passive House Consultant IT. His Master’s of Science in Construction Management, Sustainable Building degree from Colorado State University was focused on affordable sustainable construction and bridging the gap of recovery stimulus money with high-performance building standards. He has sat on boards and contributed to many non-profit organizations that focus on economic development such as Colorado’s WIRED Grant award, SBIR Colorado, Northern Colorado’s Business Assistance Consortium, co-founded the Northern Colorado Green Building Education Consortium, and is currently a founding member of Rocky Mountain Passive House and Denver Passive House Alliance.

Isabelle Nagel-Brice - Tiny House Division

Isabelle Nagel-Brice of A Tiny, Good Thing leads the Tiny House Division within MainStream Corporation - A Passive House Design-Build Company. Their Our goal is to move in a green building direction with tiny houses specifically, and to create high performance, healthy tiny homes that will function in any climate. The Healthy Tiny Home Kit incorporates highly efficient building materials from Europe to create a home that expels moisture from within the wall systems. This style of building mitigates issues of thermal bridging and therefore the possibility for mold growth. Additionally, the Kit addresses that all tiny homes should have proper ventilation. The Healthy Tiny Home Kit's heat recovery ventilation (HRV) units continuously provide fresh, filtered refresh the air within a tiny home, as well as efficiently heating or cooling up the incoming air. No more stale or recycled air, mold issues, or toxic building materials leaching chemicals into your breathing space. The Healthy Tiny Home Kit can be adapted to any house design, whether it's a DIY build or with a professional builder. It creates a healthy and efficient living environment where utility costs almost don't exist and the build itself creates even less of an environmental impact. Green building is the new wave of the Tiny House Movement, so jump on board, become educated about green-building science, and most importantly get healthy!



Cody Farmer

Cody & Lisa Farmer


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