Passive House is the fastest path to Net-Zero (up to 90% reduction in heating!)

Our Design Principles allow for much smaller renewable systems to reach site net-zero!

passive house savings

Our Building Optimization Analysis Report:

  • Compares higher R-values vs. window upgrades vs. air-tightness
  • Show the reduction in heat use and heater size in each step
  • Illustrates the significant impacts from air-tight construction
  • Provides the benefits of Fresh Air Energy-Recovery Ventilation
  • Reveals the point of diminishing returns, and when to stop
  • Includes design recommendations for the final building envelope
  • Has extreme energy-saving information for your design decisions
  • Our analysis can include Payback and Return on Investment as well
  • Reach Site Net-Zero with 1/3 the Renewable System you would have needed!

Estimated Annual Utility and Operational Savings

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As if energy efficiency was everything, the side benefits are amazing!

Your next building project could also have these new benefits:

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Fresh Air is filtered and distributed for interior health and incorporates heat recovery from the exiting air.

Ultimate Thermal Comfort

Experience a draft-free and radiantly-comfortable environment, in your own home!  We are breaking thermal bridges, and providing unmatched interior comfort.

Making Site-Zero Easier

Our Envelope Specialties allow for a reduced heater altogether, and a NET-ZERO result with less than half the normal PV system!

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