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Fu$ion Forerunners can learn to design, draw and price a system - We Can Teach You!

Scaled 5% - 15% commissions, based on level of design work.

Let's start with Ventilation:

  • Calculate cfm/room for balanced system, and get 5%.
  • Design Exhaust and Supply Heads on floorplans, get 5%.
  • Calculate cfm/room & mark Design on floorplans, get 10%.
  • Calculations, Floorplan markup and Quoting system for 15%.
  • Do more than 1 system a month for +5%.
  • Or simply send us multiple referrals a month for 10%.

Learning to Design and Quote a Ventilation System

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Also Learn to Design and Quote Vapor Control and Air Barrier Systems.

Your FAQ's Answered:

warm interior spaces with fresh filtered air

Join the FUSION TEAM  and get paid for GOOD Green Building. The more upfront design work you personally do, the more you receive from the sale.  Installing a system will also provide you with a portion of the sale.

MainStream Corporation will be responsible for Commissioning each ventilation system based on the cfm flowrates per room determined in the design of the ventilation system.

 How many systems do I have to refer to get 10% of the sales?

Referring multiple people or projects to us for quotes that results in more than one sale in a given month would provide you with 10% of the resulting sales.  This Finders Fee would be based on the volume of sales attributed to your Referrals.

Do I need any Insurance to Design a Ventilation System?

No. But it has to meet Code. We'll teach you.

Do I need any Insurance to Install a Ventilation System?

Yes. Any Installer needs to be licensed and insured, just like any Trade.

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