7-Steps to Create a Zen Room

Breathe book Scott Magoon

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Are you stuck in a building with maybe 2 or 3 or more people? Breathing each other’s air, sharing keyboards, mice, and remotes. You might be trying to draw some lines in the sand by now and find a peaceful place to read a book or GET SOME WORK DONE. Maybe that's a closet, where you can stuff yourself in between two nice smelling button-up shirts and just let the dense-ness of the sound isolation break the monotony of the #stayathome routine we’ve all respectfully adopted.  OH LORD WON’T YOU BUY ME A Zehn Room!  (let’s face it we can’t drive the Mercedes anywhere!)

Maybe you've actually taken the steps to create your own Zehn Room a place where you can unwind, read a book and take a nap. It's quiet in there and there's a nice scent of fresh clean air and like a calming breeze the music in that room is soft and delightful and the room blocks out all the sounds except maybe some birds outside. This is a Zehn Room. Commonly found in Passive Buildings all over the world.

ZehnRoom in Peace

Shaw.. you say? You can’t have a Passive House where you live?

You can create your own Zehn Room with the following guideline:

7 steps to make your very own Zehn Room; where you can clear your mind and refresh your soul. Maybe even listen to some Rock & Roll! Remember if this was easy they would offer it standard. But alas like much in life if you want it done right..you gotta take matters into your own hands and YOU WILL GET DIRTY BEFORE YOU ZEHN!

  • Pick a room close to an outside wall even better if it has natural light or a window. Put the junk in the room in the trunk. (boxes work too) If there’s a person in the room please let them know they’ll have to check out the room in the future and to please leave right away.
  • Add purified air to the space. We recommend this come from outside and that it is filtered.
  • Ok, now you have purified fresh air. Clean the room - all of it - and wipe down the walls and baseboards. Clean it all, windows and floors, and cobwebs. Clean, clean, clean, Peroxide works great without smells!
  • Quiet the room. People used to use tapestries and blankets. We like Freshly CLEAN decorative blankets and quilts. You can tack these to the top of the walls all the way to the floor if possible. Eyelets are even better for their ease of removal for future washing.
  • If you haven’t had a cool glass of mineral water, go grab one.. the rest is down-hill fun and inspirational!! We like these giant jugs in the fridge. Brita Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black
  • You’ll now want to add a nice shelf or sofa table to hold the plant, diffuser, speaker, and inspirational photos and art.
  • You’ll now want that cozy chair brought in, or that floor cushion, or the exercise mat OR if you’re really in-tune already buy this yoga hammock. This Zehn Room is a safe place to focus, breathe clean and easy, and practice stretch or yoga OR sleep.

CA70 ZehnRoom

Now Close the door politely and spend some time alone for an hour - do this as often as you can! Create this space for mind, body, health, wealth, and happiness.