Streamline It!


 DashBoard PH smallest
Our Owner project kit streamlines the design process with 3 of the 7 steps:


1. Conversations with the Energy Model PHPP for Design Decisions
2. Defined Thermal Envelope & Specifications
3. Defined Air Barrier & Specifications
4. Thermally Bridge-Free Structure (Can Include PE Wet Stamp)
5. Ventilation Design & Engineering
6. Doors and Windows Evaluation & Specifications
7. HVAC, Hot Water, LEDs, & e-star appliance review;


Quantity Take-Offs, Budgets, and Quality Assurance Checkpoints/Inspections






 Air Tightness and ERV systems combined cut heating and cooling needs in half, compared to better windows and spray foam.

a) Baseline Model & Optimization
b) Passive House Feasibility
c) Cost Planning and ROI Dashboard 
d) Suffices for Manual J Heat Load Report in areas

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