Solitex Fronta Quattro -- Water Resistant Barrier, 38 perms

Brand: ProClima
Weight: 31.98lb
Dimensions: 61.00in x 7.00in x 7.00in

Price: $421.20

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SOLITEX Fronta Quattro

is a black membrane with black print, for invisible WRB and dark shadow lines behind open joint cladding. It is an extremely UV resistant weather resistive barrier made as 3 layer WRB, with PP protective covers and airtight, high performance TEEE vapor-permeable active layer.

Dimensions:  59" x 164' (1.50 x 50 m)Roll area: 807 SF (75 m2)


  • Black membrane, with printing only in area of overlaps
  • Combine with TESCON INVIS, for invisible WRB under open joint siding
  • Actively vapor open, monolithic TEEE film membrane
  • Provides superior weather protection and can cover board insulation, plywood, OSB and ext. gypsum-board
  • Gaps can be up to ¾” and are less than 3x the siding board widths
  • 10 year comprehensive ProClima warranty
  • Suitable as exposed wall protection when taped with TESCON INVIS


  • Material: non-porous TEEE functional membrane
  • Air permeance:  0.00004 cfm/ft2
  • Perm Rating: 38 perms (Sd-value 0.05 m) for enhanced outward drying potential
  • Very watertight, resists 33’ ft of water column
  • UV/weather Resistance: 6 months of exposure
  • PP cover fleeces with optimized surface tension for superior tape bonding
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