ProClima SOLITEX Mento Plus-- Water Resistant Barrier, 38 perms SOLITEX Mento Plus-- Water Resistant Barrier, 38 perms.. Product #: SolitexMentoPlus based on 0 reviews Regular price: $303.00 $303.00

SOLITEX Mento Plus-- Water Resistant Barrier, 38 perms

Brand: ProClima

Price: $303.00

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SOLITEX Mento Plus-- A 4 layer heavy duty underlayment for airtight roofing assemblies. It can be exposed and used as temporary dry-in stage. It is also used to net dense pack insulation in exterior wall without sheathing.

The reinforced vapor open weather resistant barrier (WRB) or roof underlayment for vented roofs that can be used without exterior sheathing:
• to cover insulation.
• as dense pack blow-in netting for cellulose etc.

It has an actively vapor open, monolithic layer of TEEE film that is extremely waterproof – and outperforms perforated/stretched WRBs/underlayments both in outward drying potential as well as air-tightness. It is much more vapor open then any sheathing, easier to apply and very durable – can also be used in pre-fab panels and as temporary weatherproofing.

• Monolithic vapor open TEEE membrane, covered by two PP protection fleeces + reinforcement grid
• Very watertight, resist more than 8’ ft of water column.
• High vapor permeability (38 perms per ASTM E96) – Sd-value 0.05m (DIN 12572).
• Airtight/windproof ProClima system (TESCON VANA, gaskets etc) optimizes insulation and assembly performance.
• High thermo-stability
• Temporary roofing/weatherproofing of façade and roof for up to 4 months. Certified by ZVDH (German roofing assoc).

The SOLITEX MENTO PLUS reinforced grid minimizes stretching during dense pack insulation directly behind it – its vapor open properties allows for unimpeded outward drying and for additional safety in high R-value walls and roofs for cold climate high performance/passivehouse construction.


• Roll width: 59 1/16” (1.50m)
• Roll length: 164’ 1/2” (50m)
• Roll area: 807 SF (75 m2)

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