Tescon Vana Premium OSB & Plywood & Concrete multi-surface air sealing tape

Compego - For taping PE vapor barriers and windows
Brand: ProClima
Product Code: 15357
Weight: 1.10lb
Dimensions: 5.50in x 2.38in x 5.50in

Price: $30.45

10 or more $29.45
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COMPEGO‘s pressure activated, waterproof adhesive is specially designed for airtight bonding to sub-slab vapor barriers and Pro Clima membranes. It is also made for permanent airtight bonding to smooth substrates, such as metal, plastic, plywood, painted wood or smooth concrete.

COMPEGO has the following properties:

• Waterproof Acrylic Adhesive
• Stretchable Polyethylene Backing
• Siliconized release paper
• Application temperature from -15° F
• Temperature resistance permanently from -40° F to +194° F
• Weather resistant for 6 months

Available roll size:

  • 2 3/8″ x 82′ (60mm x 25m)


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