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Request for a Ventilation System Commissioning

The optimum operation of Zehnder ComfoSystems heat recovery ventilation systems requires proper design, installation and commissioning of these systems.  The final step in this process is the commissioning or QA (quality assurance) of your system.  Zehnder America, Inc., with qualified and trained staff or QA agents of the US and Canada, provides commissioning services for builders and homeowners who have installed our complete ventilation systems.  This process assures that the installation meets the design criteria used to maximize comfort, efficiency, proper ventilation, and operation.

Zehnder America utilizes a network of professionals to provide this service, and it is important that the following checklist is completed and accurate in order to allow for the commissioning/QA process to be completed properly. If the QA agent arrives at the site and this checklist is not accurate and the system is not ready for commissioning, there will be a charge for a “No-Show” or failure to perform of $150.Additionally, if commissioning is not completed in a timely manner and the failure to commission contributes to or causes a mechanical failure to the installed Zehnder equipment, the warranty may be affected, and the homeowner may be responsible for repair.

Please complete the checklist below, and press the Submit your Request to send to Zehnder America. You will be contacted by our program administrator within a few days to acknowledge your request and with any questions they may have. The administrator will then assign your request to an appropriate agent who will contact you to schedule a date.  Please allow for some leeway in scheduling so that this professional can optimize his travel and time with other duties that he/she may be scheduling in your area.Note that certifying Passive House projects requires your PH Consult to complete an “Additional Information Request” conforming to the ventilation requirements of PHPP or WUFI® Passive in order to proceed.

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