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We Design Ventilation and Air Purification Systems for Performance Buildings

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Full-Service Passive House Design-Build

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Fresh Air is filtered through the Zehnder fresh air ventilation system and distributed for interior health, all the while incorporating heat recovery from the exiting air.



Experience a draft-free and radiantly-comfortable environment, in your own home! We are breaking thermal bridges, adding extreme air-tightness, and providing unmatched interior comfort.



Our Envelope Specialties allow for a reduced heater altogether, and a NET-ZERO result with less than half the normal PV system!



Imagine saving $200 a month on gas and electricity, and making that money work for you. One option is to reduce a 30-yr mortgage by up to 7 years!

Passive House Design & Consulting

targetPassive House Certification

MainStream has over 10 years practice in Passive House Green Building. Passive House is the easiest path to calculating and specifying off-grid, Zero Net Energy buildings of all shapes and sizes. Passive House is the only global industry of energy builders, modelers and experts studying the accuracy of actual performance. If you want to design a building with accurate predictions of real energy usage, you’ll want to use Passive House energy models and professionals. Certified Passive House buildings are:

  • Cozy long-lived buildings that hold constant indoor air temperatures.
  • Ideal for pet lovers or seekers of asthma and allergy friendly environments.
  • Very quiet inside blocking out many common noises encountered from outside.
  • Nearly dust-free and clean by the airtightness requirement.

heartBuilding Recovery Air Purification System

Replace bathroom fans with nearly silent Zehnder whole building purification systems. We design, teach and test the only precise purified air delivery systems that use Energy Recovery (ERV) and Heat Recovery (HRV) to save 90% of wasted energy. When used with our Pro Clima Air Tight Envelope System, indoor air becomes allergy and asthma friendly.

  • Zehnder is recognized as the Most Efficient recovery technology.
  • The only all inclusive and tested to original design system on the market.
  • Easy to install designs include all the parts for Precise Fresh Air to each room.
  • Removes point source humidity and dehumidifies bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Reduces Heating and Cooling load loss 50% compared to Bathroom Fans.
  • Dependable long lasting and easy to maintain systems ensure constant purified air.

cloudPro Clima Air Tight Envelope System

We design, teach and test Air Barrier Systems for buildings of all sizes. These systems ensure a dust-free, longer lived, low energy loss envelope. With Pro Clima German engineered vapor open membrane system, easily achieve Passive House Airtightness with 100 year rated materials.

  • Defines the airtight layers with a red line and details how to connect them.
  • Seals marriage walls, window and door flanges, and all critical airtight connections.
  • Quickly airtight OSB, plywood and vapor control layers.
  • Vapor open tapes and membranes allows newly constructed materials a path to dryout.
  • SUPER STICKY forever tape bonds to wet concrete, woods and almost anything.
  • Non toxic, non plastic, acrylic pressure activated bonds within 24 hours forever.
  • Acts like Gore Tex releasing vapor into ambient air while preventing bulk water intrusion.

Latest News


  • November 09 - 2019

The New Zehnder ComfoAir Q purification system is the next generation of heat and energy recovery ventilation units, a “quantum” leap over conventional HRVs/ERVs currently available on the market. The Q builds on the superior performance and established success of Zehnder’s ComfoAir systems...


  • November 09 - 2019

Two filter options are provided. Our standard filters are MERV 7/8 and a higher MERV 13 is also available for higher pollen protection on the unit’s intake.
It is suggested to change your filters twice a year and each unit uses two filters at a time. 


  • November 09 - 2019

Of all our Passive House Feasibility Studies, implementing the air barrier correctly is the key to success! Having air tightness, by that we mean 3 times tighter than Code requires, attributes to over half the energy savings alone.


  • November 09 - 2019

We are happy to provide an estimate for your project. We will focus on the air barrier system and the tapes or membranes to use in your wall and roof assemblies. We will also include a fresh air system design with a layout for your floorplan. Simply upload your planset!


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