ComfoAir 200 Filter 10-pack

Brand: Zehnder
Product Code: 9282 or 9283 x10
Weight: 7.00lb
Dimensions: 16.00in x 6.00in x 10.00in

Price: $260.00

Available Options

* ComfoAir Filters:

G4 Filter, MERV 8 - winter filter for supply or exhaust and bypass filter used in summer 

F7 Filter, MERV 13 - summer pollen filter for supply only 


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The filter replacements are for the ComfoAir 200 ERV Device.  It is recommended to order the filters in quantities of two so both filters in the units are replaced at the same time to ensure optimal indoor air quality in the home. 

The ComfoAir 200 G4 Filter is a MERV 7/8. The F7 Filter is MERV 13 and can be used on the fresh air intake.  


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